Does it need to be pressed out

cant figure out why when you switch to dim light want come on

its a dodge truck 1996 model

Specific diagram of the connection between gas tank and Rubber Necking that's clamped to the filler neck

when it turns over the speed ometer bounces . I pulled the instrument cluster and pluged in different bulb , it would flash on then off but wouldnot stay on with key on. tried obd and it would not flash. pluged in obd under dash and it failed to connect.

i've changed cranck position sencor and still runs find tell warms up. the check engine light comes on and goes off took it to get codes read they said it was o2 sencor. put on two different coils. new cap roter plugs roter. thanks for your help in this matter.


I have a 1996 Dodge Ram and I think my PCV Valve might need to be replaced. Can someone tell me if #1 in the picture is my PCV valve?

Also how would I find out the vacuum line size in #2 that I need to replace?

In Picture
#1 Is that my PCV valve?

#2 What size vacuum line is that?

then ran for another few miles than died again. My boyfriend and my boss have replaced almost everything they can think of. and the truck still wont start. HELP PLEASE!!

need ac wiring diagram for 1996 doge 1500

I replaced the front seal 3 times and it keeps leaking. I filled the torque converter with tranny fluid and let it sit for 3 hours before putting it on to check for leaks. It never leaked

So i have a 1996 dodge 1500 5.9 with a 47re transmission all stock.
As of a week ago i did a oil change on the truck (Came out clumpy) Within 30 seconds of starting the truck pressuring the filter a transmission cooler line busted off the radiator and sprayed everywhere. Repaired the line and the trasmission is no longer shifting out of first gear! BEFORE the oil change it worked perfectly no issue with transmission. AFTER it wont even let out of first gear! (i can start off in second gear and it will shift to 3rd HARD but it does but wont budge after that)
I have checked the Governor solenoid and transducer with no luck both bands seems decent not loose at all maybe half inch or less. I'm at a loss any ideas?