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when i fill up the rear differential, am I suppose to fill it up until it starts to come out of the fill hole?
does the automatic transmission on this vehicle have a non-locking or a locking torque convertor?
does the automatic transmission on this vehicle have a non-locking or a locking torque convertor?
I have a 1995 Dodge Ram 4x4 it doesnt idle right, i replaced the idle sensos but got the same results. normally at stop lights it wants to stall,and hesitation ocassionaly when i take off. Help Eric !!!
i have a 1995 ram truck, GR vacuum valve was melted , i replaced it now when i press on the gas pedal truck dies out. why?
need a diagram for replacing plug wires in the right order from the engine to the ignition cap please help.....
old water pump was leaking so replaced it with new one. Now my new wter pump is leaking water from the bolt hole, bottom hose where it connects to water pump and tensioner is making noises off and on
Which is best, rebuild or remanufactured for my 5.9 liter v-8 z vin 1995 Dodge Ram 1500? I do light ranch work with it as well as back up vehicle for my 110 mile round trip commute, in Central Texas.
My 1995 dodge ram1500 p/u passenger door latch/lock isn't working. The key won't lock/unlock and the door won't latch closed. I have to tie it shut with rope/bungee cords.
how can you tell if the idole speed control motor is working ?????
My dash lights went out and my radio doesn't work. Fuses were fine. What else could be wrong? Interior overhead lights do work.
Is there a filter for the air conditioning on this truck?
I am loosing brake fluid but cant find any leaks and do not see any fluid on the ground. Someone said it was the power brake booster is this possible that it is burning up the fluid some how??
My 4 wheel drive does not work, with all 4 wheels on the grond and the transfer case in 2 wheel drive i can spin the front drive shaft. did something break in the front differential?
transmission works fine while driving, but when i come to a complete stop i have to drop it into low 1 gear to take back off and shift it manually into drive when it gets rolling good, its a automatic have to start of...