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i have changed heater coil and radiator but still no heat and temp raises very high and then drops on accelleration only to raise upon idle or lower rpm
transmission will not down shift when coming to a stop
What is the procedure for replacing the dash (Top)?
front right side makes a clicking noise when wheel turns
I have a 1995 Ram 1500 with 4WD. My question is does it have shocks or struts on the front suspension?
When hitting a bump while driving 55 mph down the road the left side starts to bounce really bad. It feels like the tire is coming off the road. Is this an issue with the shock or something else. I took it in and wa...
I need to replace the front shocks on my 4x4 ram slt. How hard is this project going to be? I have replaced shocks on cars, but I am not sure how different it will be.
The truck will be driving along and all of a sudden turn off. Then afer a few hours it will turn on again. The fuel pump has been replaced.
it has oil but been told it was those can I replace the front main bearing and rear main bearing by the crankshaft with out pull the engine
where is this sending unit located on my truck?
it got torn up by my dog anyone know how much they cost and where i can buy one?
4x4 front axle bearing on passager side is worn is that something that can be done at home without any special tools
when push on the gas here tivk till going and also oil pump gauge leans troward 0 on it but is full on oil is it the senter or is the oil pump going and if so where is oil pump located.
it has to get up to about 3500 rpms before it will shift from 1st to 2nd then it will shift fine