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When I accelerate my blower keeps running but it does not blow thru the vents.
the water pump on my dodge ram 1500 van is still leaking after replacing it.I think it is the hose that goes into the top of the water pump. any suggestions on how to fix this issue?
need piocturte of water pump for this van
Recently when I pulled the switch to turn my headlights on, the dash and parking lights came on but the headlights would not come on. I also noticed that the hi beam indicator light will not come on or the turn signal...
ever sence i bought the truck 3 months ago
i had replace oil sensor it had pressure about two mind the went to zero when i was driving what cause that
well no oil pressure and sound like its not getting to top
My 1995 dodge ram1500 p/u driver door latch/lock isn't working. The key won't lock/unlock and the door won't latch closed. I have to tie it shut with rope/bungee cords.How do I repair it myself?
when i first start the truck trans shifts perfectly .. after ten minutes doesnt want to down shift it stays in high gear...
My truck is a 4x4 and after going camping with an over head camper on the truck now vibrates badly while the OD is on but if turn off then the vibrate deminishes alot. Could this be a torque converter?
I replaced my radiator,water pump,hoses,thermostat and radiator cap. Only half of the radiator gets hot. You can touch the one side.I was told to try and put the truck on a slight hill,leave the cap off and run the tr...
when i got to drive me 1995 dodge ram 1500 with the 5.9 v8 the speedometer dont work it just bounces back and forth what could it be
Problem idling when sitting still with engine light coming on while sitting. Idles rough What is a code 21 on the engine diagnostics check, ambient or O2 sensor?
Leaks about 2oz. per week
i have changed heater coil and radiator but still no heat and temp raises very high and then drops on accelleration only to raise upon idle or lower rpm