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if any one knows a price range it would be helpful for me
have replaced plenum and intake gaskets,valve cover gaskets, timing cxhain gasket, water pump gasket[no water leaks] major oil leak behind intake cant find it, valve cover flares around left rear fills with oil, dont ...
shut it off after driving around doing errands.. went to staret it again and nothing. No power to anything. Fuses are good so are connections that I can tell.
Headlights and back lights work but no brake lights. Fuses for brake lights ok.
sometimes it will fire up for short periods of time.
I'm trying to figure out where it went without tearing apart the whole dash
As I drive it continualy ticks..No rocks or nails in the tire
while at a normal idel,was prepairing to jump starta chevy s-10 the Dodge slipped out of park into reverse all by it self. HOW? and why would that happen?
i put a new swich in still geting to hot ,stock one burnt up
When I go up a hill & accelerate ,the a/c blower stops. When it levels off ,the blower comes back on. Sounds like a small door closing under the dash near the floor.
headlight swich has gotten so hot it melted the swich and the plug.
About a month ago, driving at steady highway speed, level terrain, truck goes thump, like a hard shift, then runs normally. This happened a couple of times then one morning the engine died completely. I pulled over,...
after changing the distirbutor cap that when the problem started.my distirbutor cap wasnt tight.tighted down now it wont start turn ove but wont start
He has changed the TPS (Throttle Postion Sensor) still no luck. Truck acts like it wants to die not enough fuel. He is no mechanic and is completely at a loss. He will not take my advice I think it has something to do...
van is still heating up. replaced water pump and top radiator hose and removed the thermostat. what could be the reason it is still heating up?