and then it may run for awhile like a hour or then maybe 5 mins

All the time

If I give it any gas it dies

Have had no problems . This just started

the problem surfaced Wednesday morning 05/19/2016 when I started up

It's four wheel drive it's has 200,000 miles on it and it's a magunm

It's a dodge 1500 5.2L v8 magnum it's 4×4 200,000 miles on it

I just bought the truck and all the fuses and relays were removed and dealer said might have wrong relays in place could cause this code but not sure of what correct relays are

Clutch replaced about 2 years ago no problems. No previous leaks. Was driving 45 mph on level ground when it happened.

could i check oh and the brake light womt work

I tried to start it would turn over but not start so I replaced the fuel pump still nothing checked fuses all good what should I do next spark plugs and wires?

For the last few weeks, it has been an off and on problem. Also what size fuse and where located. Service manual does not indicate. Recently, had work done on engine, water pump and intake manifold replacement, also all water hoses replaced.