If Not what is the estimate for repair?

The check engine light is coming on and staying on. I was told that I have an emissions leak causing the switch to stick so it needs to be replaced.

we had the drivers side switch replaced in the window still don't go down on my caravan don't know what it is the vehicle is a finance vehicle

I have an error code P0158 bank2 sensor i know of the 4 sensors and where they are but not sure which side is which on my motor setup... couldnt find a straight answer on google. Thanks

water pump not leaking, but pulley hub seems loose and can be spun by hand

what does this mean and where is it located

We opened the fob and cleaned out the battery compartment, and replaced the battery, but the fob still does not work, and we cannot even start the car. Fortunately, the car was unlocked so we could get in, when we discovered that the fob would no longer start the car or lock and unlock the doors.

After i changed th fuse on my dodge it still did not start and the lights were flashing on and of do to a bad fab how do i get it fixed?

Had a diagnostic check and it won't communicate with the and system.

Car starts fine, all lights on instrument panel come on and remain on during driving, none of speed/ fuel/ rpm work. When you open door light dont turn on inside but they do work. Very confused

How often should I grease or lune front end