Just found anti freeze in oil.

The car has noticeable lack of power. Very slow acceleration, loud airplane engine type noise which increases with speed and top speed only around 60 mph.Oil level normal, transmission fluid normal, radiator fluid level is full. Have just completed 15 hour highway drive avg speed 65 mph with large kayak on roof. No problems. Today symptoms as described. What's wrong?

The passenger door lock is not working at all, like other doors. I have to lock or unlock manually.
Any Advise?
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Passenger Door look has not been functioning at all by itself for two weeks, like other doors. I have to do it manually by myself.
Any suggestions what might be wrong with that door look?
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Also when I let the key go it stays in the starting position and continues to turn the starter on its own.

Silver Grand Dodge Caravan..Plain and simple my ignition will not shut off the key will not turn in the off position what can i do to fix thr problem.. #singlemom

Even when trying to turn it on, I have to push the stick in place to let the car start..even when moving the stick from park to drive position, it is not smooth.. Any advice? Thanks

The panel on the driver door that operates the windows and locks works sparingly. The front windows go down half way on their own.
The sliding doors will not shut unless you push the button in the ceiling.

It only runs for like 10 seconds after starting with remote

Recently purchased 2010 Caravan - with doors locked front windows are half way down in morning - side doors have opened 3 times

only when its cold ,when you first start it ,its super stiff . I can shut it off start it back up and its fine

We have a 2010 Dodge Caravan . We travel alot and have put close to 120,000 miles on it. We are noticing lately a winding up sound when we speed up and winding down when we slow down. Also can feel that in a slight vibration in the pedals. What could this be..."