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When I accessed my hands free nothing but static came through now no sound at all through anything speakers radio or dvd
Engine light was flashing, the mechanics fixed that, now it stall after engine warms up when you stop and are idling.
A friend of mine has a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan and those dreadful lights are on (ABS/ESP/BAS) and when driving the brakes wants to engage. With this loud grinding noise and the truck almost coming to a stop. Note: la...
Having a parasitic draw from this fuse and car not starting every couple days.Airbag light stays on.
I've changed master cylinder, front calipers, front flex rubber brake lines, pads front and back, bled at least 8 times from farthest to closest using approx. 2 quarts of fluid. Still spongy, I'm getting frustrated!! ...
changed master, front calipers, brakes and rotors. I bled the brakes five times total. Read about cycling the abs pump by skidding on gravel or grass and the bleed again, but that didn't work either. no lights on or c...
My car makes a humming is ululating type noise that sounds like a jet taking off. It worsens when I turn left. It dissipates when I brake. Please help! Thanks
some times I get this noise when driving slowly or not continuous though, but in normal driving none
is this a battery issue of sensor issue
changed o2 sensor got advice from other web site.po404 list egr valve.does it need cleaning or replacement