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This just happened Monday and just got van back wensday then my brake lights were on and staying on

We has a new engine put in....
Now the EAS light/car with squiggles behind it light/engine light is on.
My question. ....
Why could these lights be on?
The belt squeals a bit...when started.
Have drove it as of yet.
Any suggestions. Please.
Thank you so much.
In need of my vehicle badly.

When I'm driving I will have the eas bas, abs, and the sliding light come on solid while driving. While they are on my cruise control shuts off. I'm not sliding when this occurs. What is happening?

It usually happens after the van has been sitting for at least 6 hours or more. It has been happening more often. As I'm driving I will slow down when coming to a light and it will die. It does start right up. We replace the egr valve and it is still happening. Now my husband thinks it could be a camshaft sensor but he can't find a diagram where it could be. So 2 questions where is the camshaft sensor location and what else could cause the van to die while driving it.

I have failed my inspection due to P0404 which Google website states is a cleaning or sensitive issue. I dont have much money and want to know how do I clean it or fix it?

It has a 62te transmission in it and we've already changed the solenoid pack in the transmission are there any other sensors or anything that would maybe be the problem

I see a lot of people asking the same type of question, mine is also showing 'ESP' indicator as well as the 'squiggly' lines indicating loss of traction. I just wonder how this can be an 'electrical/sensor/computer' problem when the noises seem to be more 'mechanical'?

dual video screens, only the rear one works, both worked when first purchased (used). The screen (rear) only works when it's placed at a certain angle. is there an in-line fuse for each screen?

At highway speeds the dash lights light up as if in ACC position and the engine shuts down. Pull off the road and restart the engine with no problem. Intermittent issue but identical issue prior to the recall "repair".

jump start it but rather have it towed. Any idea how much this will cost me to have fixed?

I just have problems of the car not starting so would that work if I just replaced the battery in the key.

There was a code saying something about a censor?

2008 4.0 sxt dodge grand caravan, replaced the rear motor mount and now the ABS, traction control and brake light are on. We have an obdII do we get lights to go off or did we mess something up?

These lights have come on in the past in the winter and would go away after a restart and a mile or so. This time the they wont go out changed dead battery and still have lights

My van has had issues(manageable) since purchasing it. Car fax showed nothing wrong but after major issues and a Complete title search by a more truthful person I found this vehicle had a salvage title with less than 4,000 miles on it.
This past week after having the ignition switch cylinder(recall) replaced ,the van developed an issue with the jerking when accelerating . I put it in the shop spent over 2400.00 and still have issues! I was looking at replacing the vehicle , I will now be looking at a different make and model. This is my 3 rd Dodge Caravan and I am very disappointed in the lack of quality as of recent years!