Went to test drive a 06 caravan sxt that had 99,000 on it drove great but the check engine light was on and I saw no mechanical failures. Any help?

looking for an under the dash fuse box? I have not seen any sign of one. In the owners manual I read a reference to a circuit breaker under the instrument panel next to the steering column, but no mention of an under the dash fuse box. trying to get my radio to work. fuses in the ipm appear to be good, most are new but I have no power to the radio plug itself. thanks for any info.

The windows on the pass side don't work. The power outlets dont work, I had the fuses checked out and they look good. I was told it's probably an electrical box. Where is it? What is it called?? Is it expensive to get? Thank you so much!!

also I figured out how to vet codes and 5 of 8.2 came up.

We thought it was the cold killing the battery so put a new one in..still don't a new alternator..still nothing..what do I do?

Lift gate failed. I had the motor, linkage and latch replaced. Now if I open with the remote I must close with the remote. I can no longer open with the remote and close by hand. The dealer does not know why?

I can't. Drive my van .is there a recall on said don ,t know i need help

I replace all the lights and bubs checked all the wireing all. OK.they bleak off and on can't Drive it no lights help thanks. Don Mac.

Complete 4-wheel brake job, outer tie rod ends, lower control arm assembly, 4 new tires with 2 times tire balancing and 2 times 4-wheel alignment didn't fix this problem. Very subtle, rhythmic friction/grabbing when braking that is progressively more noticeable at slower speeds as vehicle slows to stop. This seems to be originating at frond end. I can detect very faint, elusive slight rhythmic noise at higher speeds, but location for this symptom is difficult to pinpoint.

If I keep water in it its OK but needs water every couple weeks. A/C blows air but not cold.

My fiancee and I are in need of help. We live in New Hampshire and travel to Vermont for work. Well we were on our way home and We were driving down the highway and our headlights dimmed. We didn't think much of it and my fiancee kept driving. All of a sudden my fiancee couldn't steer the van so we pulled over and I noticed the van was smoking under the hood.I had him pop the hood and once I opened it I noticed that the oil was pouring out the bottom of the van and the serpentine belt was off. What could be wrong with the van? Also is it fixable? Please help! :-(

I am replacing not sure which way arrow needs to point. Didn't pay attention when removed

Trying to figure out why and where coolant leak coming from that soaking driver side floor and fogging up the windows. We flushed out radiator which seem to stop stinky steam but we are losing coolant still on to the floor ,what and where could this be coming from ?
2006 dodge grand caravan