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Van will not start...spark plugs flooded with gasoline. Once plugs are dried vehichle starts easily and throughtout the day; next morning flooded again as if gas is still pumping in system after it has been shut off.
From Pep Boys, there are 2 error codes with transmission. P0750 - ir solenid circuit error P0700 - transmission at fault present What are we looking at in terms of cost and time needed for repair???
my dodge caravan starts up and then stall it keeps on saying no gas but i just filled it up. i looked under the relay center and the 40a abs/mod pump looks like bad
Pasanger side blows only cold air driver side is fine I thought it might be the dampners sticking or a relay some were
please i got new tires awhile back and they said all they had in stock was another size but they would fit, now i have gotten 3 tickets for speeding since at exactly 11 miles over, could the calibration be off that mu...
van was running rough replaced plugs and wires still ran rough put new coil on still running rough with misfire counts on cyl. 5 was told possibly inj. swapped #2 and #5 inj's. still ran rough with miss fire cyl 5 wha...
All of a sudden my car started to overheat. When I pulled over I checked the radiator cap and filled it with fluid. Now all of a sudden I have it pissing (excuse the term) from a place under the vehicle. I have nev...
stayss on, except when u disconnect the battery, then comes back on later. dodge service center unable to fix it, replaced the ? value,ekg, etc. started at 8k miles.
My mechanic worked on my 2001 GC last year an was unable to find out why my check engine light stayed on. He was able to temporary get it off to pass the inspection, but a couple of days later the light came back on....
need location of air filter
The blower motor fan cage made a grinding noise then stopped working. Problem was that the fan cage came off motor axle. How do I now replace rear motor blower with a new one?
ABS light is on while running.I let a mechanic fix it but still coming out,his comment/finding is that, the rear left wiring is on...tell me pls on what to do? am I safe to travel with ABS light on?
The air conditioning on the left side of the van all the way back does not blow cool air. The right side works great. What do we need to do to fix this.
WHile traveling this summer we had problems with the rear end. Took a turn too sharp and broke the all wheel drive. With every turn we made we heard a loud bang and felt the van jump. Found out from a mechanic that ou...