2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Questions

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cant get to some of the wires because they are in the body

have changed plugs and wires and all gaskets worse when cold

metal hose is crack losing antifrezze like crazy is it a dealer part

Recently had hoses replaced, yesterday smelled intense metalic Heat. Found very small amount of fluid in radiator and none in resevoir.
It then dawned on me . I could not get engine/ system hot enough to call for fans ????
Any input would be appreciated before bringing it in to shop . Thanks

i`ve changed calipers,brake pads,rear brake cylinders

oil leak 1 qt. 3000 mi.

replace rack & pinion labor cost

The van runs well except upon first starting up. It almost dies, then slightly revs itself several times, including when first accelerating. Once the engine is fully warmed up the behavior disappears.

My driver side sliding door will not unlock. It is NOT a power door. The lock simply will not unlock. Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it?

when i turn, i hear a squealing noise, iwould put power steering fluid in it and it will stop for about four days. then it'll come back. at times when i dont put steering fluid in it after the squealing come back the steering is tight

I recently bought this vehicle, and the electric sliding door latch broke, costing me an arm and half a leg. But while it was there, they told me that the sway bar needed new links and bushings. I can't find any information on this site on what such a repair would cost. Could anyone give me any ideas?


Van drives 20 or so feet then wont drive forward until I let it sit for an hour or two then will drive forward again for about 20 feet an so on an so on

DRives for a few feet then wont drive forward anymore until I let it sit for a couple of hours them it will drive again for about 20 25 feet then have to wait again.confused

MY van is strange I was driving an I thought transmission went out got it towed home an changed transmission fluid an filter an started driving again an then it stopped drivimg again.can drive it for 20 feet an then it will stop going foward but it will drive in reverse can wait a hour or so an it will drivew forward again for another 20 or so feet then it will stop driving again. Cunfused.