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My van began to misfire so we changed the coil PAC and spark plugs and wires but it didn't help now it is worse and my signal lights, tachometer, and speedometer quit working. Can u tell me anything?
I have a Dodge Caravan that will start up and run and quit. Then after i start it up i have to accelerate it to get it to run at idle. Now, i start it and put it in drive gear and it hesitates and stalls out, quits ru...
so I changed coil pack wires plugs crank and cam sensor twice same code cam sensor malfunction van will start and run when it wants 171,000 mi
Its just started my van overheating but I put antifreeze it in. I notice it every time I would turn my heat on it blows out cold air. Its a little smoke coming from hood of car.
was letting van warm up heard a noise but it stopped when I went out to leave my power steering fluid was on the ground under the van I couldn't even turn the steering wheel
when I turn them on, the driver's side wiper only goes about half across my window, also the blades on both sides seem to be getting caught on something....the passenger side blade works fine, other than seeming as th...
Please don't tell me to go see a mechanic, just wondering if the next thing is going after heater core or control valve? Thanks!
transmission not shifting out of first gear also speedomiter not to work? would it be a relay or senser of some kind?
what would cause the speedometer not work and transmission not shift out of first gear? tach and all other gauges still work