This problem start when my battery was change at the battery store due to bad battery.

My Alldata is down for the moment and I need to complete the estimate to give it to the customer.

The car never lost power, I reset the Code. It has not came on. But the lights still Flicker and the Guages go nuts. This occurs everytime we drive. Also the beep like the seat belt was of every once in awhile.

also, ignition off,wipers come on for about a minute

i was driveing and itstarting makeing a nose and was running funny got home and turned off the van and it wouldnt start so w put the new starter in

I've been noticing a creaking sound while turning, at slow speeds, when the outside temperature is above about 60 degrees. In the mornings when it's cooler I have no problem. I've had the outer tie rod ends replaced less than 2 years ago and the rack & pinion was replaced under warranty, about 7 years ago, due to a leak. This noise just started this spring. Any ideas?

We purched the van used about 4-5 years ago and never had any problems with the heat. The air has never worked. Maybe around six months ago I lost the lights on have the radio and tempeture controls and know about a month ago the vents started just blowing out very hot air even with the fan turned off. Could someone please help and give me some suggested on things to get fixed?

Shut the car off, would not start back up. Acted like a dead battery: fast paced clicking @ start etc. We jumped it (safe jumping positive first, isolated grnd etc.) car started but the electronics are nuts. Flashing odometer, trip meter, radios cutting in and out. Tach and speedo jumping all over the place, wipes going on @ random etc.

I got the P0340 diagnostic code and want to know what is involved with fix and likely cost

So my 2000 GC randomly died going down the road. We towed it home and have since replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, a switch inside the ignition, all the spark plugs, and the ignition coil. It cranks but won't start. It gets close, but fails every time.

when I press the cruise button the cruise light comes on but when I press the set button the van doesn't change to the cruise setting.

How can I replace the parking break release cable? I got a new cable (part #282). If I remove the screws from the knee bolster panel to get to the area, it doesn't come out easily. Is there something I need to do to release the driver's side knee panel?

How do you properly flush the transmission cooler when replacing the old transmission with a new one.

how do you remove transaxle from transmission

when i was driving there are continuous pot holes and i hit a huge one that made under the hood sound like something was loose so continuing home the bumps cause it to get louder and even more sensitive to bumps so i parked it an i see oil leaking on the left side on the inside of tire near frame but van still functions just cant move cuz of clacking from bumps