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I have been trying what's on the internet ie. Stop and go traffic on city streets between 25-40 mph and freeway drives for 5 miles or more at 55-60 mph and still system is unready just failed my 3rd attempt help!!!!
if the vehicle is run everyday it will start, but if it is not started for a couple the good battery has to be charged. what could be killing my battery?
none of the windows work at all. HELP We are using this van for our grandsons we are raising.
dont have owners manual. my lights will not go off and come on with out help
Changed spark plugs and wires, new egr valve new o2 sensors and cut out old catalytic converter. Still stalls out, could it be tube from valve cover to pcv valve, it is kinked and may not be letting enough o2 thru?
I heard a hissing sound coming from the rear passenger side heater vents. Also found floorboards wet from rear vent to front seat. Am having to add water to radiator. Where do I find the hose line to rear and can it b...
of gear. It would only stay in park no other gear worked, had to be towed. I scanned it and I got codes po740, po700, po720 ,po715. It sounds like I have senor issues but can a bad trans trigger these codes. I did no...
Usually takes 3 times to start vehicle pushing on the gas seems to sometimes help once started bogs a little and smells like gas but then runs fine. Thought it was the coil because cylinder 6 seemed to have a weak spa...
May be catalytic converter, exhaust. There is a smell, keeping the windows down.
One day ac will work perfect then the next day it won't , replaced two fuses under hood that didn't fix problem, is there another sensor that would stop clutch from working when it's working clutch sounds good no scra...
My coolant reservoir has no return hose. It just has a spout that is molded into it that points to the ground. I would need to know if a hose is needed, and where the destination for that hose is.