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On 'Starting', Motor turns the starter, not activation of bendix gear. the gear is not extend to engage with the flywheel.
Ive replaced the headlight switch, the relays and the bulbs but still have no low beams or marker lamps, any ideas?
rear brake line broke, but all are very rusty. this looks like a complicated diy job, local mechanic tells me time and material but dont know how long it will take, im curious what an acceptable price for this job wou...
I tested motors with meter when I pushed switch the voltage read for a split second is there a relay somewhere that controls them if so where is it or do you think it might be the door switch needs to be replaced. I ...
and Where Is The Trans Control Selonoid And The Mobule?
stupid way to ask a question, with a 2nd block! Is the climate control module located behind the climate control panel,ie> {the a/c button, air button, rear window heater button panel below the radio,CD player, tape p...
98 grand caravan parking brake release cable replacement.. the cable you pull to release the foot pedal....can you give me a pdf or diagram..video be awesome...3.8 auto