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now that i can think of that something has broken off an is in the way now i have taken apart the starter the best way i can but i still cant get it out
I brought a new radiator cap and added antifreeze but it was brought to my attention that only one of the fans kicking on the fan that stays on and cools the motor when the ac is on doesn't work could that be my probl...
i hooked a code scanner and its not giveing any codes but it will start then die and wont start no fire
Seems to run fine when weather is dry. Suspect ingnition module.
also the shift indicator has all the gears lit at the same time. it also makes a banging sound after i go a few feet in drive. thanxs!
Could it be the front and back blowers? If so, how can I fix myself? Can't afford to be ripped off at a shop
It makes a very loud noise & the wipers do not move when turned on,unless I move the blades manually,then they move w/ease. I don't think it's a bad motor BECAUSE the noise is soo loud when turned on. This just starte...
One looks to be coolant and the other a suction hose I am told. They were both sheared/broken at the elbow connection where they connect at the rear most part. I was gonna try to just seal them off at both thinking ...
I am not sure why the gauges and dash lights will go on and off,the gas guage will not work right as well
common problems. tourque specs.
where can I find a double grooved belt and tensioning pulley?
Is there an easy way to bypass the ignition switch on the power outlet circuit so that the outlets have power all the time?