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That's about it its a 3.3 litre V6 rear seats are out
wont run and im not paying for a new engine which is what is needed.. plus lots of work needs done to the body before even considered safe.
When using key sets off the alarm. Tried removing fuses but no dedicated fuse could be found. Happy to disengage auto lock & alarm
As per my previous post I replaced the PCM on my 1996 Grand caravan which started out as PCM not sending a signal to to 2 cyl's on the coil pack. Purchased a reman PCM and it started right up but had a bad miss presum...
water is leaking out the rear of my van. not the tail pipe just under from the back
Van developed real bad miss. P0351 rec. coil pack circuit. Replaced coil pack. No change. Heard of faulty intake & clogged injectors. Sprayed Starting fluid around intake, no change in engine operation detecting no le...
max speed 55 mph , don't reach reasonable speed , no warning light as become light ever , only engine check light for few minute and then off .
How do I replace the heater core, and should the compressor be replaced as well? Water runs into the cabin of the vehicle, is a symptom of a faulty heater core?
water runs into the cabin of the vehicle and the windows steam up. Is this a result of a faulty heater core
We have changed the plugs, wires were good. Changed the cam sensor, checked the crank sensor it worked fine. When it stalled my daughter was stopped at a light and when she pushed the gas it went to the floor and didn...
the leak just started and it is leaking near the firewall. both lines appear to have a lot of rust.
* I replaced the fluid and filter. * I checked for damaged or lose wires and hoses. * Shift cable and linkage seam to be adjusted correctly. It doesn't feel like it's binding up. *** transmission was rebuil...
I wanted to know if there is a recall on this van that has to do with the camshaft and crankshaft postion sensor.
sometimes the van stalls when driving down the road. when driving down the freeway all the gages drop and go back up....
If you turn on the key the fuel and temperature gauge needles will jump and return to the off position. need help to correct problem. Have already checked the solder connections.