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this happens if it's hot or cold outside, van outside 24/7
Tried to fill up but would only take about 6 gallons. My husband drove it and it runs fine but then tried to put more gas in but would, still, only take about 6 gallons. About 4 days ago, he smelled gas, took off the ...
it does it when i take off up to about 40 mph then it seems to stop
This happens all the time even after vehicle has warmed up
It takes several hours or a day before it will crank again. What's the problem?
When driving down road the van will high rpm and lose speed it only happens every now and then and normally wont last long sometimes a mile other times 10 miles
Makes a terrible noise over rough roads, especially during slow speed turns.
my 1994 grand caravan--3.8L is in limp mode--i changed both the input and output sensors and it worked great for about 3 weeks and now is in limp mode again and sometimes when i let it sit overnight it is fine for so...
does my grand caravan have a shift sensor and where is it located
did any one have the transmission just stop .no noise no sliping.came up to a stop sign,then nothing.no previous trans.problems at all.fluid is not burnt its at the full level mark.did a input or out put sensor short ...
I just got gas 2 days ago and now I smell gas in the van especially when I have the heater on. I also seem to be going through gas really fast. I didn't have a problem before this. Just bad gas milage.
Had my '94 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3L V6 right-rear wheel cylinder reviewed & after leaving mechanic shop (10-15 mins) later my entire HUB was dismantled while driving. Wheel tilted to one side. Towed car to shop for repai...
we have oil pressure but the gauge does not show it
I've been gitting a code 34 for about 3 weeks now, and i need to know where to locate the speed control solenoid and how to replace it.