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i had my transmission rebuilt,changed speed sensor and still when when i drive about 3to4 miles it down shift hard to first gear when i get to a stop light then wont shift anymore untill i turn the van off then back o...
But if I shut it off and restart it it shifts right?
theolabs lite up and brake is hard , replace abs control unit, disc pad and bleeded it but still same abs still lite plus brake strength didnt change.
Everything in the van works, I replaced the tail lights and all of the fuses are fine, but my brake lights do not work. I'm not looking to use a toggle switch and I don't have the money to replace the brake light swit...
where is wiper relay located?
1993 Dodge Caravan 3.0l,in manuals it says x relay located in power distribution block but not in which position. Have found pictures of earlier model vans and dont match what I have. Can anyone help me with information.
started ran 10 minutes died then won't restart 4 hours later it started ran 10 minutes died and won't restart can u help me its like it is not getting fuel
The trans. will not go out of like 2nd gear after driving approx. 20 min.
I am trying to locate the Air Charge temperature Sensor location on my 93 Dodge GRand Caravan with a 3.3 engine. Can anyone help?
I just went out and was going to go get something to eat, the Grand Caravan - showed 0 mph and the RPM was at 4 - What?
Have a 93 grand caravan LE . when van is cold u can put the van in L and move easily back to D and it shifts through all gears bot once it reaches operating tempature when started will not shift out of 2 . The shifter...
93 Dodge G Caravan while driving on the hwy the vehicles rpm went up and the van would not go past 35 mph, it was really cold out that day, a couple of days later it was able to drive up to 50 mph, then about a week a...