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car the gauge moves the odometer goes hay weir some times headlights go on an off cant use my chager for phone or radio car engine dies then heater comes on. after it dies the car will start up again.it sounds like it...
How much to repair a master cylinoid.
My 2006 3.3l Dodge Grand Caravan has an AC issue. 40k miles. Blows hot air. Tried swapping a new relay switch, didn't work. Looked at the compressor and it isn't spinning when the AC is on. thanks
My driver's side power door is no longer working. Has not worked for 6 months at least. The whole power unit has been replaced once on this door. These doors are heavy and hard to pull. Why does this keep going o...
It choke before it dies. the check engine light is on and off. Went to dealer 3 times already but no problem found.
also replace the neutral start switch,still no reverse light,any help to diagnose this problem is really appreciated,any tips what to do ..?thanks very much
What kind of problems,and how many.pinpoint where to start and what to do