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Have checked fuses. Would work until it got warm then would flat line. Would start working again if you banged on dash, then it quit working altogether. Panel light is only thing that works.
car won't start.no fuel.checked fuses and relay all good
Nothing but clicking noise .no lights on dash.happen with no worning. Please help pi
The b+ connector is jut hanging loose and the 2 prong connector was pulled out of the starter. Is there any way to rig it to start so I don't have to get it towed somewhere?
Idle stoo low when at stop in drive with foot on brake, so I think cleaning the throtle will correct this.
transmission doesn't shift into high gear unless u let off of gas
I have no pressure to my brakes and there is a leak coming from the rear of the vehicle. Any ideas what this is?
has no fire to the coil and ive done changed the coil and nothing happend
oil leaks right after oil change?