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what would cause a shimmy 35 & 50 mph
trying to go on internet and help boyfriend...he is trying to relieve tension on 1995 dodge caravan 3.0 v6.....money very tight trying to fix on own
Van makes clicking noise when driving @ highway speeds, and then mysteriously dissappears, and when you listen for it again; you can't hear it, and the clicking noise happens periodically!
there is no label to tell which fuse is for what
i have changed all componts to my brakes but the brake booster and can not build brake pressure what could be wrong
have replaced coil, full tune-up ,ignition relay, stranded please help!!!!!!!!!!!
My 95 Caravan has recently been having problems. Once the van is ran for a while and warmed up, the tranny will jump out of high gear into low gear for some reason. In other words, if driving down the road at 45 mph, ...
have a dodge caravan 1995 v6 3l evry time i put on the ac it keep blowing the fuse why ? please help me i like my van .
all of a sudden its stuck in first what should I check?
I can move the wiper by hand, but when I turn the wiper switch, it tries, but does not rotate. The passenger side wiper works fine.
The dimmer switch don't work how do i replace it?
thank u i pull the end off the coil and put my electricle tester in the plug and crank test before the coil what could it be please
i have a 1995 van while driving the engin just quit then wouldn,T RESTART I HAVE NO JUICE TO THE COIL ANYHELP
would like to know how much it will cost to get my oil pan leak fixed.
Hello, I left to much water in my radiator over the winter and ended up popping a few freeze plugs. I've been told that the labor involved costs just as much as if you were to replace the engine. Plus once it's done...