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All of a suden i cant open my car with the key did something brake
Replaced the rotor and the brake pads. The vehicle is now slowing down while driving and the brakes are activating.
I put the battery charger on for about 15 to 20 minutes at minimum and then it'll start, but once I get to my destination and the car sits awhile there's a good chance it won't start again unless I put it on the charg...
We replaced the battery and the alternator. Once in a while the car won't start but some time later it will.
last time they said the needed to update software and the there was a leak in my intake manifold. 800 dollars later I was okay. I did the self diagnosis code and all that appeared were ------
I was rear ended approximately three weeks ago. A day or so after my car made a loud knocking noise and the Dodge dealership says my flywheel is cracked. I think it is from the accident and so did the mechanic. Ins...
Inside front passenger door. Little tray in front of window control comes out...won't clamp and stay in. Are there clips to replace, or how can I fix this?
2011 dodge avenger had worn out break pads abs light came on I just recently changed breaks and the light is still on how do I reset light to turn off the diagnose abs code was c2116
A tech told me Its possible when I replaced my tranny filter or when I pulled tranny to replace the seal I may have disconnected my solenoid and didn't notice but I dnt know where my solenoid is located? Also is there...
My front main seal inside the transmission was leaking for quite a whike before I realized it then by the time I took action and began tonotice major transmission leak my car became difficult to shift cause of low flu...
This Avenger is the Heat model.