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Well my Check Engine Light is on and i went to auto zone and the code read P2017 and i was wondering how much will it cost me to have this fix.
There is a clicking sound under the shifter when the car is in park and the brake pedal is compressed. A single click happens each time that the brake pedal is compressed. The sound is a distinctively a click like pla...
Basically, I have to leave my car unlocked because something is setting off the panic horn. This just started this morning. And the light which tells me mileage, temp, and so on, started flashing this morning.
I pulled in my driveway and placed the car in park. The car rolled forward and I depressed the breaks. It did it again so, I turned off the car. Now it will not start at all. The lights come on, and it makes a brief t...
do I need to recharge the refrigerant? sometimes the air is cold and sometimes it is not.
just has a cap that says for dealer use only?
ive had it fixed once now back again hasn't been but 6mos, it wont go up
I raise the trunk lid just a little and put the edge of an umbrella so it will run on the outside. Then the next few times you open it it still runs out.
Intake Manifold Runner Control is stuck open anyone have a clue how much this will cost to be fixed? And will it damage my car driving it 2 days with this code.
get a estimate on the labor and part ive only had the car two yrs and it has 71,000 miles on it should this be going on.
usually when turning to the left mostly activates the noise.