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When I hit small bumps going down a road or back out of the driveway my front wheels sound like they are knocking or popping.
went to start car from inside home car started but shut off within 10 or so sec..This problem just started I owned the car for 1 month it worked fine until know car has 68000 miles on it
how do you reset computor or should it have reset itself
Is it safe to drive as long as you do not use the air circulator or air conditioner/heater. I don't want to further damage the related parts. I have a Dodge Avenger RT so I believe the 3.5L V6 is correct.
I pulled over & shut down the vehicle. I checked the manual & it read that this light was the Electronic Control Throttle. However, when I started the car back up it ran fine. Should I be concerned. Did this reset ...
When it discharges a red dot light up in the dashboard when trying to turn it on
description of timing belt change on dodge avenger se 2.4