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service engine soon light
My front passenger caliper is seized. I was told that the brake pad, rotor, brake hose, and caliper all need replaced. What would be a reasonable quote for this?
check engine light came on and had a code ran on.the car seems light its cutting for a split second and then come back on.i know it has something to do with fuel.have ckecked hoses and can't find any loose.please help...
may have cracked 5 lead going into distributor.
comressor keeps recycling it has a good charge. when accumulator is jumped blows cooler air, but still recycles, Help
my avenger died and would not fire, I changed the spark plug's and wires and distributor cap but forgot to change the rotor. should I take it all back off and change the rotor before I try to start my car?
I own a 99 Dodge Avenger V6; My PROBLEM…THE IGNITION SWITCH 30A FUSE KEEPS BLOWING! I’ve bought about 20 fuses in the last four days…. and this does not include the ones people have bought for me. I have had the s...
need instructions on replacing the timeing belt and water pump
What are some things I should check when everything seems to be fine,except for the fact that i cant get a spark? It cranks and everything seems to be fine, but it just wont turnover!!
bought new axle for p/side how do you get the bearing off the shaft thats in center of axle that bolts to block