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it wont shift out of second. it run fine but just wont shift.
when i turn the key it sounds like there is no gas going to fuel pump to start it, could it be a sensor or do i need a new fuel pump? if i need a fuel pump how much are they and how much to install? my car has been br...
gears begin to act up, the car would roll , it wouldn't drive or reverse when i tried to switch the gears even in park it still moved
I thought it might have been my power steering. I added fluid to it and it helped with the turning because it wasn't even on the stick when I checked it, but it still makes this noise. And if I haven't driven it for a...
It has a new crankshaft position sensor, wires, plugs, timing belt
I spent all day on replacing the rubber seals to my lower manifold that the fuel injectors seat into and still I smell fuel?
blower motor just stopped blowing.but if I reach under the dash abang on this little box thing that seems to be attached to the motor it will blow very,very little air and it sounds like it cluncking.any help would be...
There's no compression to replace the freeon with. The fuses were also blown and when I replaced them, they blew again right on the spot, replaced them again just to see what happened, and so far the fuses have not b...
the front head lifters are making noise i pull pvc valve it doesnt smoke out of there
and where would i go to see it, and can i down load it
i put motor oil in my transmission by mistake