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Let's see, had to replace rear brakes and rotors at 27000 miles, have had to replace all 4 tires, 11000 miles after brakes and rotors were replaced I hear a grinding noise so I take the car back in-have to replace both yet again (which they were still under warranty where I had had them replaced, so it was free thank god), but then they tell me that the rear driver's side calipers had seized up-so goodbye to 400.00. Plus calipers would have been covered if I had been under 36,000 miles, but I'm at 38,000. I will NEVER buy Ford again. -
Same problem, awful grinding sound in 2012 to. I refuse to pay for replacement as I believe it is a factory defect -
I bought my car in 2010 with 12,000 miles on it. I will do the front brakes this weekend, 10/04/2014 with 113,000 miles for the first time! The rear I will do maybe next month I'll see how they look tomorrow. Please note I drive 60 miles daily and let off the throttle and coast long before applying the brakes (lightly and evenly). I finally talked my wife into doing the same thing on our F-150, she's a left foot braker btw, and all of the sudden her miles between brake jobs soared as well, doubled easily. Driving style is everything. A lot of folks brake too hard and too often and then blame the auto manufacturer for defective vehicles and swear they'll never buy another one. Although there is issues from time to time it's usually the person behind the wheel. I used to own a 91 T-bird SC and went longer because it was a five speed. -
Rear passenger brakes ground down to nothing - all other pads have at least 50% left. -
Spongy brakes, had brake pads and rotars and still does it. Pedal goes all way to floor and have to go very slow, Had on diagnostic and they could not find problem -
Driven in Iowa winters all of my life. This car is an accident waiting to happen! Twice it has snowed so far and just a trace. Both times the car wont steer without sliding and braking!!! Surprised I'm still alive! Front tires lock up and put you into slide while ABS going nuts. Feels like no rear brakes. Have come real close to sliding out into highway traffic doing 60 mph. Feel like this car is a death trap. Goes into shop 2 wks and will see if Ford fixes problem or I sell it first! -
Same problem i have a 07 last 3 years ive been thru r brake changes, roters changed twice an a wheel bearing also rear calipers. Ive been to several mechanics and the only explanation i get is it must be a deaign defect. There is no other explanation. I only have 70,000 miles on my 7 year old vehicle...this car is costly to keep. Constantly having brake issues. I will think twice next purhase. -
Brakes are soft and it not safe to drive had the pads change no difference this car is turning into a money pit. For needs to recall this problem before people gets killed -
Out of Town: Brakes spongy suddenly with no warning. Dash lit up like Christmas tree. Brakes pushed to the floor and slowed to a gradual stop. In residential area, going 20 mph. Can't imagine if on the hwy. Intermittent issue. Into dealer in the local area. Part on back order for 2.5 weeks. Needed solenoid and brake booster. $1200. Called Ford customer service and opened case #. Complained that WITHOUT NOTICE this failure of brakes was a safety hazard. Babysat customer service for a week of discussion. Have e/mail refusing any responsibility or help. In Town: After repair, drove on hwy and to my hometown. Two days later brakes spongy; dash lit up; computer component indicates same area of concern; need to pay a new diagnostic fee to the dealer, because not the same one that did repair. Researching on-line: Consumer Reports called out same issue. Bulletins issued for dates ending Oct 2009. My VIN is Feb 2010 built. Now researching Implied Warranty, Straight Liability and Negligence on-line. Amazing how many cases are "___ v. Ford" -
I have a 2013 Fusion Titanium. The car is only 18 mos old. Kept hearing grinding noise upon applying the brakes. Take it to dealership where I've consistently taken it for PM service. They state the inside rear left rotor is rusted pitted and warped. The resurfaced all 4 rotors and put new pads on the back at no charge. I argued for new rotors but they refused. -
This is an AWD vehicle. Rear brake pads were replaced, and the rotors machined at 15,000 miles. Now at 30,000 miles,even though my car passed inspection 6 mos. ago, Ford dealer said the pads had cracks and needed to be replaced and the rotors machined. The front is still ok. I don't think I'm hard on the brakes. I love this car, but I was time I will not use ford parts and go elsewhere when replacement is needed. -
27123 miles on my 2012 fusion and the rear brakes were worn out. Had to replace not only the brakes but the rotors also. Now the passenger side sticks. Need to replace the caliper now. -
Soft, spongy brake pedal that goes all the way down to the floor even after new brakes were installed on the front and rear. Mechanic said the foot pedal can not be adjusted on a Fusion, and that unacceptably bad braking and brake issues are a constant problem with Ford Fusions. I wish I never bought this thing. -
Seized caliper- 3 pads out of 4 brand new- ones completely gone! Junk -
Needed rear brakes and rotors replaced at just over 33,000 miles. Needed to take it to shop to be replaced. Plus six different auto stores and couldn't even get brake pads they needed to be ordered. Plus on the caliper where you push back for pads you can't use c clamp. This needs to be twisted in to fit pads in. -
THEY HAD TO REPLACE ROTORS! PADS! ON MY BACK BRAKES BOTH SIDES- premature failure thining of pads and rotor issues -
The endless reports im hearing from people and dealing with my own fusion I'm Afraid ford is yet again going to be known as Fix Or Repair Daily!!!! F***ed on race day . Or sadly sounds more and more realistic F-ound O-n R-oad D-ead -
just replaced brakes and had rotors turned now i hear a sqweal or drag sound i will take them apart and check it out i will let ya,ll know what i find -
Just bought the car and heard grinding noises when applying the brakes. Car also pulled to the right when brakes were applied. Took it back to the dealership and they are replacing all four rotors. I am hoping I won't have anymore problems with the brakes. -
My Fathers car is a 2015 but the options didn't allow that year so I'm posting here.Brakes went all the way to the floor. Only happens when driving very slow. Once pulling into a parking place, We hit the parking sign. Last time was stopping at a red light, the car slowed down and then the brake pedal went to the floor, causing my father to hit another vehicle. This is an intermitent problem, under normal driving conditions the brakes are ok. Nothing shows up on the diagnostic computer at the dealership. -
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