Audi A6 Quattro Problem Report

Audi A6 Quattro Digital Display on Instrument Cluster May Fail

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The digital display portion of the instrument cluster may fail. Our technicians tell us the entire instrument cluster will need to be replaced to correct this concern.

For some reason when the car is cold the instrument panel works a little better. Not great but from non readable to readable. -
Hard to see instrument cluster -
LCD pixels are barely visible. When weather is cold it shows better, but still missing pixels. When it warms up it almost disspears completely. I found this site: that will replace the LCD screen for $139 + S/H and they offer Lifetime warranty. -
When the weather is cold - the display stays readable for a short while - but eventually fads too. -
Display between speedometer and tachometer is faded away -
center of display begin failing to the point where radio station and temperature can no longer be read. other portions still okay for now -
Same problem with LED panel, some unreadable. Any idea on approx. cost to reapir? -
information is barely readable on panel -
It was replaced once while still under warranty and then started to die again after a few years. Replacing the whole display us too exoensive on a 15 year old car! Buggers, it still runs great after 206,000! -
Instrument cluster display is unreadable. Driven this way for 10,000 miles. Have not fixed. -
The middle portion is unreadable. -
I can't see the screen -
I have not had it fixed as of yet because I have been told the complete cluster will have to be replaced and that it will cost $1000. -
first generation display fades from time to time they recommend cluster replacement -
display went out at 100000 miles and some digital display numbers where fading before 100000 miles. they do look better when it is cold out but fade as the car warms up. anyone know of a fix with out spending 300 dollars for a rebuilt. Ken -
Most of the central display panel is blank, with only a few lines of red dots showing up. It has been getting progressively worse for the last three years. Obviously doesn't stop the car from working, but the access to information is almost nil. Have to decipher from a few red and yellow spots what is going on. a fun but often fruitless game. -
instrument panel digital display fades until cannot be seen. -
Purchased 2000 Audi Quattro A6 in Feb. 2013. Digital Display on the instrument cluster was displaying most of the information. Several lines of the display were not working. Slowly getting worse. Still can see most of the display. Was told very expensive to fix - must replace the whole unit. -
unreadable digital display -
I took it out and sent it to a company that repaired it -
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