Audi A4 Quattro Problem Report

Audi A4 Quattro Digital Display on Instrument Cluster May Fail

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The digital display portion of the instrument cluster may fail. Our technicians tell us the entire instrument cluster will need to be replaced to correct this concern.

The digital display repair can be done by removing the gauge cluster and the circuit ribbon reset to the circuit board -
Not visible or lines through the display or faded. It comes and goes. -
When it gets cold I can see it but as it gets warm is fades away -
The temperature gauge stopped working right after the warrany went out and I had to replace the entire instrument panel. -
audi a4 2003 quatro 3.0 problem instrument trouble codes 00576 15 -
display goes out in summer and comes back when the outside temperature cools. Can not see the entire display even when it comes back. -
I have the same problem. The LED display on the instrument cluster first started fading on hot days. The mechanic at the Audi dealership told me The LED panel is wearing out and that it's not an uncommon problem on older cars. He said it will probably get worse over time and eventually go out completely. His ballpark estimate to replace the LED panel was $1,400-1,500. -
Unable to read center digital print out. Has not been fixed, am told that i need an entire new cluster. -
The lights fade upward until you can no longer see and display. When the park, drive neutral, reverse line disappears, the car will no longer go in reverse. Have to take it to a dealership because no other place can understand the codes. -
lights on cluster are fragmented and not dimming but failing in "lines" or sections of display. So far, not solved. -
Pixels are hard to see -
LEDs (or is it LED backlit LCDs?) in centre information panel fails, gets worse over time -
My whole LCD Cluster wont display anything. I cant see anything at all from it. -
For about a year and a half, my digital display has intermittently had failures to various lines. Now, the problem is constant, and why Audi won't address this question is mysterious. Do they want cars to fail completely - no oil, brakes, or lights, causing accidents or deaths? From everything I've read, they are ignoring the matter. -
pixles get all weird, Audi should have recalled this -
Pixels horizontal and vertical make display difficult to read. -
pixels tend to fade out, display gets impossible to read. -
display only work when cold. slowly fades to nothing but a glow. also has horizontal lines that are not working. -
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