Volkswagen Jetta Problem Report

Volkswagen Jetta Difficult to Diagnose Electrical Issues Are Typically Due to Ground Issues

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Electrical issues that are difficult to diagnose—and sometimes intermittent—are typically due to ground wiring issues. The most troublesome ground locations are under the battery or at the engine.

Door locks stop working intermittently. Key always works but alarm doesn't always initiate. Remote for locks doesn't work and it isn't just due to a bad battery. Unlock button on driver's side door needs to be held down forcefully for a long time to get other doors to unlock, sometimes it won't work until the car is turned on. This is driving me crazy! -
The main source of my problems was the ground located under the windshield wiper cowling. Remove the cowling and there is a bolt with 3 grounds running to it. Remove and clean the grounds and it should help. I was getting a Cam Sensor Code. Car actually seems to run better too! -
I have changed the starter and alternator and my car still won't start what else could be the problem -
Light for hood up is staying on, windshield wiper fluid will not spray and wipers sometimes won't work, also having problems with car alarm going off. -
a/c fan does not come on when a/c is on. both fans have electrical power. also when hooked up direct both fans work -
my windows all quit working, and my abs and cruise dont work as well. im assuming its wiring since they are notorious for the crappy job but i cant diagnose the problems exactly. -
headligh low beam went out . replaced switch. not it. now the lowbeeams on in the DLRunning light position . in the low beab position the headlights work but the dash board doesn't light up. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR -
Cost me a new fuel line system to realize it was a bad ground and that my fuel line was just fine.. -
problem with cluster, first erratic speed, gas gauge, no light or gear indicator. worked ground under battery and sensor, change top sensor under windshiled wipers. now all work and are right w. But work only intermittently. No answer for that.hen they work -
2.5 liter 2005 has had repeated intermittent engine light issues -
Door locks,electric seats,lights etc -
I have a lot of trouble with fuses and electrical under hood. Trouble finding problems and still haven't fixed all. -
code p0340 cam sensor -
electronic keys won't work, dash light stays on when shut down, battery drains, running light system intermittently flashes, NO solution yet -
Windshield wipers do not work unless lights are in on position and high beam is held on, and then only drivers side works. Headlights do not work except when held on. Cruise control does not work. Air (heat or AC) blows on low in every position (0-4). Replaced multi function switch (cruise, high beams)-problem did not resolve. Sure this is a ground issue, but can not find where the ground is. -
When I use the highbeams a different light will shut off and the indicator on the dash comes on saying I have a light out. Always 2 seconds after turning on the highbeams the a tail light goes out or the license plate light sometimes its the amber light on the front near the headlights. Uppon turning off the highbeams if I turn the headlight on and off three times whichever light went out comes back on and the indicator on the dash goes off. -
I had the same symptoms. It was a loose cable. Remove main battery cover. Remove the BLACK ground cable on the right side of the battery with 10mm socket or wrench. You will see a smaller box that the RED battery cable feeds to, with 5 smaller wires feeding out the back. Flip open the lid on the smaller box. Check the 5 smaller wires and make sure the connections are TIGHT with your 10mm socket or wrench. The first wire on mine was loose. Vibration from the engine would cause an arc and stall the engine. -
dlt wont go out sometimes driver sid power door lock wont work heated seats dont work passager side airbag stays on off no matter how much weigh the person is and some other issues still not fixed -
battery light came on two days ago. car had trouble starting next morning, thought it was the temp (sub 39). While driving odometer and time faded, and speedometer stopped working. Trouble starting again at lunch time. Didnt start after lunch. Replaced battery and it ran fine, but battery light still on. Next night lights and radio faded to dead and car died. 10 min later it started up. -
when its cold out when the car is off the fan comes on and off -
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