Delayed Transmission Engagement on Jeep Commander

Delayed engagement of the automatic transmission may be due to a faulty internal cooler return filter. Our technicians tell us all cooler filters with the "AB" suffix on the part number are suspect and should be replaced.

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Average mileage: 92,077 (35,000–163,186)
Drive Trains affected: 2WD, 4WD
3 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008
56 people reported this problem
29 people shared problem details
2008 Jeep Commander35,000
Within days of purchase of used vehicle from dealer, car failed to auto shift as I entered onto highway. No power and rpms through the roof. Limped onto breakdown lane. Shifted into neutral, then turned off car and re started. Happened 2 more times. Reported immediately to dealer. They insoectd and found "no porblems".
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When first starting car, delayed engagement of transmission, and hard shifting
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2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD71,000
First time out for the day after reversing out of the driveway, trying to engage the Drive mode, transmission will not engage. acts as if on Netural. Most of the time shifting to Park and putting to Drive again will engage the gear. has had situations where the transmission does not shift up during acceleration. most of these happen during cold weather and it is the first time out for the day.
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Tranny feels like it is slipping during rapid acceleration, front end jumps and feels like tranny slams into 2nd gear... Only had the problem on hard acceleration, no idea as of yet if there is a problem
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2007 Jeep Commander- 4WD46,000
Trans feels like its slipping and or not engaging between 1st and 2nd
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2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD133,000
Banging from park into drive
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2006 Jeep Commander67,000
Same issue as the rest. If the vehicle is cold on start of the vehicle it will hesitate and then slam in to gear. It also slams when when ascending or descending on a large incline. recently, It has started to hesitate when hard accelerating from a stop light/sign or highway on ramp. Check engine light ignited today. This is one of many issues I have had with this vehicle since purchase a little over a year ago. The last issue resulted in a car accident while on family vacation which, took over a month to diagnose the issue and correct. Thankfully no one lost their life.
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2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD72,000
When I out the vehicle into drive there is a hesitation and then a boom type of sound when it engages.
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2008 Jeep Commander- 4WD60,000
Exactly the same as this report. My was like this the day I drove it off the lot. It comes and goes though. Also, the 4.7L takes a while to break in until acceleration is not as slow. Much prefer the 5.7L's instant response.
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2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD90,688
While driving, car stopped without brakes being applied, shifting into gear did nothing, car would not move.
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2006 Jeep Commander163,000
Had the car since 2005. First people in Maryland to have one, and even though we got an Audi a6 to replace it, still couldn't part with the car. One issue is that it seems when you start the car cold, it slips. Either in reverse or first. Revs really high before moving at all. And when going from reverse to drive, it hesitates for a second before quite violently jolting to engage the gear. Been to countless shops and even our local dealer. Each and every time we've been told that there's not a problem with the car. Hopefully I'll get a chance soon to get it looked at again.
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2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD163,186
Hard shifts into reverse, put into Drive and only registers 3rd gear.
2007 Jeep Commander- 2WD74,683
I have the same problem. Happens all the time.
2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD50,000
I too experianced problems with the 4WD Transfering on its own to 4WD as a drove. Dealer could detect why. at 9100 miles i find that i can't transfer to 4WD manually. The Dealer still has no clue.
2007 Jeep Commander- 4WD90,000
Shifts erratically. We changed throttle body censor and it was better for a minute and now it's back with a vengeance. Not shifting when it's supposed to and down shifting hard at weird times.
Transmission will slip into neutral randomly. turning off and restarting after just one minute resets and will go into gear and drive for 1/4-1/2 mile before slipping again.
2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD83,000
CBD Codes P0731, P0841, P0876 - Trans fluid, solenoid valve sensor/pressure related
2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD144,500
Same problem as mentioned by others. first happened getting on highway and slipped out of gear. Now won't stay in gear, and not even getting beyond 2nd gear most times before slips out. Revs high when slips like everyone else's. Had first episode of high trans temp about 2 weeks ago but not since. Have been told Jeep knew they were having transmission issues but didn't do anything to rectify, other than capping the transmission fluid check in engine, with a 'dealer only' cap and no dipstick. Really tired of this, and may be the last jeep I own, after having 2 others previously
Car goes from drive straight into 3rd gear. And fan makes Loud pitch noise.
2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD82,500
Delayed response when accelerating sometimes on reverse it will act as if on neutral . I'll shift gears and go back and it will work .
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