Mazda Mazda5 Problem Report

Mazda Mazda5 Vibration/Noise Due to Failed Engine Mount

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On some models, excessive engine vibration or knocking noises heard while the engine is idling, being started or switched off are usually caused by a defective engine mount at the top right side of the engine. A redesigned engine mount is available to alleviate this problem.

06 mazda5 vibrating at 45kmph. Shop said over $800 to replace engine mounts 3 and 4. PS I'm Canadian. Wish I could enter a postal code. -
replaced upper passenger side engine mount myself with aftermarket of same crappy quality. Need to replace again. it's shot. Need to find if there is a redesigned one that wont fail. -
Dang, again, just seeing this site for the first time... but, it seems like my Mazda 5 is having all the same issues. Had to have my motor mounts replaced. -
Our 2006 Mazda 5 normally runs very quietly but suddenly began making loud engine buzzing/vibration noises when at idle or low speeds. Higher speeds resulted in less noise but the noise/vibration was still there. I first suspected an exhaust leak but within a day or two the noise/vibration grew to be too much to be just an exhaust leak. I took it into a shop I trust and was told a motor mount was broken. The shop recommended I replace all three mounts at once at a cost of $840 (including labor and their "diagnostic" work). My wife's 2004 Mazda 6 (also with the same 2.3l 4-cyl engine as my 2006 Mazda 5) began exhibiting the same noise, (though much less noisy) the week prior. -
When I took my 2007 Mazda 5 in for another problem, they told me my engine mount had been replaced under warrentee. Car was quieter and handeled better after that. -
motor mount broke. I had to replace. -
I just had to have a broken motor mount changed yesterday. I see that some people are being told it will cost $800 or more. I personally would look around. The part I purchased was $156. I had multiple maintenance items taken care of at the same time, including brakes and I paid less than $500 for everything. Just beware of how much in total labor a garage is charging you. I am fortunate enough to have found a small locally owned garage that is honest and does good work. It might be worth shopping around and trying to find a shop that is not a dealer or chain. -
car shakes excessively when idling. have not fixed it yet. -
Engine mounts shot cost 1400 dollars to replace.... no recall.. now gone again.. -
Was told the Upper Right Motor Mount needs to be replaced due to leakage -
Vibration when stopped in gear. -
I just got my 2010 mazda 3 a year and a half ago when it was at 39k miles, just took it in for it's 15k checkup and things looked good, usual stuff except being told a motor mount was leaking and needed to be replaced. Estimated about $249 for that part of the work. Not too bad... at least at the dealership I know that it's being done right and the work is warrantied. -
I have fluid leaking from the engine mount of my 2009 Mazda5. I have never seen an engine mount leak fluid. This sucks royally! -
I replaced engine mounts May 2011. I just had the car oil change and inspection. They said the engine mounts need replacing again and warranty is only a eighteen months on previous part. I was out of luck at 20 months. -
On third set of motor mounts... -
Load starting vibration and noise. I removed to airbox to conirm the distruction of the drivers side upper mount. replacement from Bountiful Mazda. Mount 125$ labor 75$ not too bad. -
My steering wheel shakes when it gets between 55 and 65 miles, then even outs. Then does it again when I break. I was told I have a bad front motor mount so I hope this fixes it. -
Same issue. Mechanic told me this is very common with this model (m5). -
I had this same problem. I had to have a mechanic replace all 3 engine mounts, though I did drive the car like it was an off road vehicle. -
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