Mercedes-Benz SL500 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz SL500 Dead ABC pump

(4 reports)
Replaced and installed at an independant mechanic: Pump $1,600. -
abc light comes on Mercedes wont back there product there are a number of people with same problem ...pump is over 1000 buck plus the labor 5 to 8 hundred unreal thanks Mercedes .. anyway you can get abc pump on ebay for 750 so you save some cash don't go Mercedes dealer find someone else ..... -
Non functioning ABC pump for a 2003 SL500 -
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is the power steering pump a two pump one part for abc other for power steering
I took the car to a mechanic immediately when the "ABC " light came on. He told me it would tak...
goes on intermittently, lasts 3 seconds ABC Drive Carefully ( red light)
ABC "visit work shop" display message.Came on ....24 hrs later when I started the car it went a...
The steering pump had to be replaced at 44,000 miles on the SL500 Mercedes . Is this normal?

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