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Ford Fusion Crank No start when cold

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Once temps dip below 30F I experience crank and no start symptoms, if you let the car set for about a .5 hour then go and start again, it starts up. Anybody else see this with their 2006 3.0L Fusion? -
Has anyone found a solution to this problem? -
A few times, after sitting overnight when cold, my 2006 3.0 V-6 Fusion won't start. I've tried the procedure for cold start in the owner's manual with no luck. After giving up and trying again 15 minutes later it started. -
wont start sometimes on first crank -
My 2006 also has the no start issue, mostly when cold, but has also had during the summer. I saw a post that said place foot on brake, turn key to on position and place vehicle in neutral. try to use your foot and roll vehicle just back a few inches, then try and start again. Weird but it worked. I have no idea what sensor this may be related to. But give it a try and see if it works for you. I have done it a number of times -
After vehicle sits over night and (cold soaks) it is hard to start in the morning when temps. are below 35 degrees -
My vehicle sat overnight Friday Night into Saturday Morning. Temperature was 30 at 7am. Car struggled to start the first time, had to let it sit for about 10 seconds, and then it started right up. It wasn't much of a issue last year, but now its starting to be more of an issue. -
When cold, sometimes it will not start. I typically wait a bit and then step on the gas 3 times and then try again and it starts. -
It's been 3 years this has been happening to me and neither ford dealership could figure out the problem. Finally I read this post and asked them to update the PCM ($125) and so far (1 week now) it seems to be working fine. -
Cold cranking issues. Cranks but will not start after sitting cold. -
Dropped the car to a local dealership. Reprogramming PCM with new calibration following TSB 07-2-3- solved this issue. Now my Fusion start well at any temperature. Cost to me $75 (canadian) + tx. -
Have the dealer flash the computer and do a new install of the software. It is about $100.00 but will work. They will make you sign that you don't want them to diagnose it which is fine.mine starts great now. -
My car will not start when temperatures are below 40. I have replaced fuel pump, spark plugs, cleaned throttle body, replaced sit intake temp sensor, added fuel injector cleaner. I do have 1 code that pops up and that's a purge valve but it shouldn't effect the start up. That and when it's warm outside there is no problem at all with starting. If I spray just a bit of starter fluid up the air intake it will fire right up. I am at a loss. -
wont start 30 or less. you can start in about 15 or a half hour after that -
no start in the cold weather -
The engine cranks but won't start when the temps get below 35. Whenever it is warmer it starts without any problem. -
The car sits overnight temps get to the lower 30s. The next morning the car doesn't want to start, like everyone else after 30 min. to an hour it'll start. This is not good when I have to be at work, or somewhere to be. -
Once temperatures get cold, car has a difficult time starting. Will try for awhile and get nothing. Then randomly it'll start. We have replaced the battery but it still continues to not start. -
Mine was doing the same thing and we got a new battery for it and after changing of the car started but now power to move it had to leave it sit for had an hour then hook battery back up and it started -
When it is cold outside below 30 degrees the car cranks fine but it will not start. Added a water remover to the gas tank but still no luck. -
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