Cracked exhaust manifold. on Chevrolet Trailblazer

Average mileage: 121,245 (56,850–255,000)
6 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2008, 2009
30 people reported this problem
19 people shared problem details
Car went from being quiet to all of a sudden sounding like a lawn mower when it was started. Had it evaluated and it was a cracked exhaust manifold. The crack was right in the middle of the manifold. Called around for prices of repairing it and they were as high as $700. Just thought I would do a search on it and found a utube video on how to repair it yourself and was reading the comments below it. One person said the same thing happened to him and gm reimbursed him for repairs. So I got online with GM and talked to them about it and they said yes it was covered under a special warranty but it must be evaluated by GM first. If it proved to be something else I would be charged a service call if it was the manifold it would be replaced at no charge to me. Took it down to the dealer and they agreed. Have an appointment on Thursday for repairs.
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My trailblazer was really loud when the engine was cold and stayed loud until it warmed up. My GM dealer said that there was a special warranty and that it will be taken care of if you have less than 120,000 miles.
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Had the original one replaced then a year later the replacement cracked also.
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Last year at 90000 miles my Trailblazer had a cracked manifold. I had it replaced. Now a year later the replacement manifold has cracked. I have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow to see what is causing this problem.
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Check engine light was on and I could hear an exhaust leak and thought it was on the doughnut gasket. So I took it to a garage and had it checked out. I was told I had a cracked manifold and they was common on this car.
I just replace catalytic converters and during some of the internet research I stumbled across one report of converter being too close to exhaust manifold it causes problems because it makes extra heat. Not suggesting this is the cause, just makes me wonder. 90,000 range replaced under warranty and now at 212,000
Exhaust manifold cracked
On my up to a state park about 200mi away when the TB started to sound like a airplane. Found this article and possible extended warranty by GM. I'm sure of what is. I just hope it's true.
cracked exhaust manifold... went from no problem to sounding like a beat up jalopy, no cause, mechanic said the crack was minor but would continue to worsen until total engine failure, further excessive engine temperature could damage wiring... not good
Manifold cracked. replaced and cracked again.
it will rev up and then go back to normal .
cracked in middle put on different manifold now I have crappy gas mileage
Manifold cracked - looking at a minimum $400 to replace it via my regular mechanic. Just dropped it off for repair tomorrow - will try to stop him as I now see there's a special warranty if I get it into a GM dealer before he does the job.
Got loud one day and a lot worse gas mileage.
one day started it and it was loud took it to dealer were I bought it. And they said its a manufacturer defect in the welding or mold of the exhaust manifold its self. So its getting replaced for free, my warranty had expired in January (5 years). But I was at 83,000 miles so, it can still be covered by chevy!! With in a certain mileage frame (I'm shure within the 100,000 mile mark). MAKE SHURE YOU CHECK YOUR DEALER 1st!!!
The check engine light came on and a couple of days later the car started making a loud "rough" noise. Took it to the shop where they ran the codes and told me it was cracked. It will need to be replaced.
start suv it was loud but after it warmed up it was quit. cracked in half exhaust manifold. look like it was cracked from the time it was first put on the suv. It looked like it was tighten to hard on the one bolt and first cracked there and over time cracked in half.
car started making a loud noise was told it has a hole in tail pipe and possibly exhaust itself. exhaust smells really strong especially when I crank it and leave it sitting still for a few minutes. does not smoke. now I hear a vibration sounds like in the front area of the car. Mechanic told me it was all due to exhaust issues not motor issues. (They don't work on exhaust issues) hoping its not going to be expensive to fix!!!!
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