Subaru Legacy Outback Problem Report

Subaru Legacy Outback Cooling System Problems Cause Head Gasket Failure

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The head gasket has a high failure rate due to cooling system problems. Subaru is aware of the problem and has extended the warranty to 8 years/100k miles on many vehicles.

i have the same issue -
Head gasket failure. Failed in April 2002. -
Loss of coolant, over heating on hills, bubbling in the coolant fill bottle, replaced several radiators -
Head gasket leak causes coolant to be depleted after driving 20 to 30 miles. Overheats. Have to stop and replenish coolant. On top of oil leaks and and noisy 4th gear, I'm scrapping it and getting something else. -
Replaced head gasket. -
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I had the radiator replaced several times, recently new timing belt, new water pump and tune up...
Other wise there is no problem. The car can be driven ontill you use the heat or air conditioni...
losing the anti from the radiator. got this car wo a therostat ran well but cold inside LOL....
What are the odds of the cylinder being bad also?