Land Rover Discovery Problem Report

Land Rover Discovery Coolant Leak From Throttle Body Deicer

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A Coolant leak under the middle of the vehicle can be caused by a leaking throttle body deicer. Coolant travels down the engine towards the rear before dripping to the ground.

coolant leaks from throttle body. replaced part, still leaks a little. -
Throttle body leaked coolant, so I bypassed it by pulling off those little hoses and joining them together with copper tubing and hose clamps. This heater is not necessary and is overkill, 'cos even -25 F below zero won't freeze a throttle. I've driven cars and trucks in winter for 30 years and never seen a frozen throttle. -
coolant smells coming from under truck -
removed de icer and spliced the two coolant lines together. -
Coolant was leaking onto the engine block. -
Coolant leak throttle body have not fixed yet why does it leak -
Throttle body heater(deicer) gasket leak. Smelled like antifreeze ... hose looks like gas line hose! was scary to look at but smelled OK. Thinking about disconnecting the thing. -
1996 buick century leaking antifreeze by throttle body and under the car antifreeze leaking in the middle on the ground. -
MY coolant appears to be missing ?? LOL when the heater on the inside is turned onto auto it overheats ..... The a/c appears to over heat it as well ... Its only sporadic tho and not all the time ,,, I have had the rad , condenser fan , thermostat replaced about 8 mths ago and it came to a stop . and now it appears to be happening again . what do you think .. Also sounds like water swoshing under the dash at times .. Help what is the cause or causes -
coolant on floor -
Coolant May Leak Under Middle Due to Leaking Throttle Body Deicer -
Coolant leaking from deicer under the throttle body. Technician at Big Al's tried to diagnose as a coolant pump failure. -
Dealer diagnosed problem. Recommended I replace radiator as well. Second time at dealer for coolant leak repair work. In total, about $3000 fix. -
coolant leaks of throttle -
coolant leaking from under the middle of engine and running hot. -
green coolant 'crust' at loacation of gasket connecting throtle body to engine -
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