Mercedes-Benz C280 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz C280 Incorrect Air Delivery and/or Temperature From Climate Control System

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The vacuum manifold for the climate control actuator may develop a leak, This can cause poor or no operation of the air delivery and temperature control flaps.

I had this problem last year. It was solved by reconnecting a vac line that was near the oil filter. The line was not immediately apparent but it drops down in the oil filter area to a connector which can inadvertently pulled loose during a filter change. When I found the line, I pulled slightly on it and it was apparent it was loose. I think I had to reconnect it from under the car. When reconnected, everything worked normally again. -
passenger side vents suddenly start blowing cold air when heat is on. Driver side vents still blow hot air. -
A/C blows fine, but blower is stuck in defrost mode, and won't blow out the regular vents. -
had cracked vacuum block replaced but air only blows hot air -
Poor operation of the air circulation and temperature when turn to the lowest or highest degree -
Air does not flow from the center vents. MB dealer said it was the air-conditioning actuator, which needs to be replaced. They said it is a $600 to $800 repair at the dealership and could be fixed for much less at an independent shop (recommended that due to the car's age and value, especially since its not a critical safety system). -
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