Mini Cooper S Problem Report

Mini Cooper S Clutch May Wear Prematurely

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There are reports of premature clutch wear on cars equipped with manual transmissions.  Clutch replacement on these vehicles can be quite costly.

I am shocked! I have less than 30K miles on my mini - it is driven very limited and I started to experience some drag on the clutch when driving - as well as a loud screech - I took the car to Mini yesterday and they called me today to tell me the clutch has gone out -- I also purchased the extended warranty - however this is NOT covered by extended warranty as it is considered normal wear and tear........ Really? They now want me to spend $3000 for a new clutch -- outrageous..... -
Bought the car used with 9600 miles. Now 17000 and the clutch is going out. Dealer says I should buy an extended maintenance warranty to cover the cost ($3200 just for the clutch replacement, $2000 for the warranty). What a ripoff! -
Clutch failed at 40,000 miles -
Clutch went out at 27K--- dealership told me this was considered normal wear and tear..... really? -
Driven MT cars for 35 years, so I know what I am doing. Had this as original owner since 2007. A year ago the clutch pedal seemed high but otherwise worked OK. Lately, the clutch began slipping whenever accelerating, easy to hear and feel, especially when shifting into 3 or 4 merging onto the freeway. Hello, MINI?? Do you see a disaster in the making? This is AFTER I had my car repaired 5,000 miles ago for the timing chain tensioner fault which put me back $2,400 after I complained about a much higher price for the repair. FYI, I am diligent about maintenance, etc. -
My clutch failed on our 2007 Cooper S, I think it should last more than 45,000 miles -
Burning clutch smell, friction point rising ( too much play in pedal ), mushy or bumpy feeling at the bottom of pedal travel. Fighting with dealer on diagnosis and solution. I was told to pay for whatever it was out of pocket. -
Noticed pulling from a stop 1st gear it's very sluggish and it does not engage. -
On the expressway in 5th or 6th rear, when accelerating the RPMs would increase but you wouldn't feel the car pull the same way as it use to. Reversing or starting out in 1st you could feel a rough shake as you engaged the clutch. I gave in once I heard the metal rivets in the clutch disc engaging the clutch plates. There was nearly no clutch disc material left. Noticed all this around 30k miles. -
clutch went with 22k miles -
Cooper S, very careful on the clutch it started to slip and was gone in under a week. We live in central Ohio, very flat. -
Clutch worn out at 18,000 miles. Replaced and then wore out again at 33,000 miles. Dealer said it is the hills in San Francisco. -
Had the auxiliary water pump cooler installed per recall and transmission started slipping shortly after. DSC module went out and that was replaced under warranty. Still had the slipping issue. Now they are saying the clutch may be going out and not covered under warranty. None of the problems started till the auxiliary water pump cooler was installed. -
Just purchased this car used TWO WEEKS ago. The "warranty" was for 15 days. On the 17th day, the clutch went out completely. Slow to accellerate from stop sign, and then didn't move at all. Revved, shifted, but didn't move, and a very hot burning smell. I could have been killed in the middle of the intersection. Now the dealer where I purchased the car is giving me grief about it being after the warranty. By TWO days. Even tho this issue started a few days ago, it just didn't DIE until today. I am disgusted. -
I have a 2009 mini cooper s and my clutch wore out prematurely at just over 36000 miles -
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