Mitsubishi Mighty Max Problem Report

Mitsubishi Mighty Max Clutch Fork and/or Shaft Assembly May Break

(9 reports)

The clutch fork and/or shaft assembly may break resulting in loss of clutch operation. Replacement of damaged parts will be necessary to correct this issue.

Clutch fork broken. Can`t find one anywhere. Can anyone help? -
The bolt to the gear shifter broke off and the plastic spacer broke so how do we replace the bolts too the shifter and get a ne web plastic spacer -
release fork shaft snapped welded it lasted 500 mi then failure found the same tranny used with 86,000 worked great another 500 mi failure same thing.Any ideas -
my e-mail is: My problem with this car is that I replaced the slave clutch not too long ago because while I was driving went to the floor so' I replaced with a new slave clutch which work for a wao then the car was parked for long period of time due to ECM. Now the car start but the slave clutch is down to the floor but is not indication of any leaks. what could be the problem and how can be fix. -
Clutch fork broke had it welded and it worked fine for about three days then the pedal hit the floor again now having problems with clutch cable -
the clutch fork snapps -
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