Lexus GX470 Problem Report

Lexus GX470 Clunk Type Noise From Rear of Vehicle When Stopping

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A clunk type noise may be noted from the rear of the vehicle just before or just after coming to a stop. Our Technicians tell us a revised rear driveshaft and rear suspension control arms are available to correct this concern.

I have complained to Lexus each time I take my vehicle in for service and they have replaced drive shaft and arms and it still happens. They just continue to note it on my service receipt but nothing is being done about it. I am starting to keep a log with dates because this is not normal. I have never ever had this happen with another vehicle and this is the most expensive vehicle I ever purchased. I have never been so disappointed and do not think I will buy another Lexus. -
It started at 40K and it got worst over time. I am told it is the rear bushings and to just ignore it. Don't like to drive a clunky car. Any chance we could make enough noise to Toyota to recall these vehicles ? -
Clunk sometimes when starting off and sometimes after being at a full stop. You can feel the entire truck move. Just bought the truck from local Lexus dealer and I am taking it in for repairs. -
14000 miles...a clunk is heard and slightly felt when coming to a stop or upon accelerating from a stop. This occurs under normal driving, no hard braking or fast starts. -
My car "clunks" and feels like I have been rear ended, when almost stopped or starting off, just after letting off the brake. This is one of many problems on this $53,000.00 car. I have 105,000 miles on it and it needs about $4500 worth of simple maintenance to be driven comfortably and safely. I have 2 older chevy's I drive both with over 200,000 miles each and no issues at all. I think Lexus should have recalled the suspension problems with this vehicle and should not ask owners to pay the $2000.00 cost at the 105,000 mile service! What a piece of crap! -
Same clunk when stopping or after at a complete stop, letting my foot off the brake. -
Problem just diagnosed have not fixed it yet. -
clunk in the rear after braking and holding at a light. Noise is noticed upon acceleration from a stop -
It is a thunk in the rear right when getting to a stop or right when releasing the brake to start again. The dealers said this is common in Toyota and Lexus vehicles due to the way the brakes adjust forward or backward when coming to a stop in forward or in reverse. When driving, I am told, the position of the brake pads is vertical, and they rotate forward when coming to a forward stop. The clunk is when they return to their normal vertical position. I had a 2005 GX470 and never hear this (sold at 120,000 miles). I bought the 2007 second hand. The prior owner had replaced the pads without going the additional $99 to refinish the rotors. I had the rotors refinished, and that eliminated high-speed brake shimmy, but did not solve the clunk. I suspect the former owner had the pads replaced at a brake store using after market parts that might not have the proper springing for the rotation of the brakes as described above. -
Clunk has started in left rear. Suspension mount points and u-joints appear OK. Will monitor -
clunking noise from the rear after coming to a stop. -
clunking noise when starting from a stop or when stopping vehicle. Is their a recall or fix? -
Took to a dealer. Jumps to another gear when little movement or power is recognized -
clunk in rear end when taking off from stop -
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