Mercedes-Benz S420 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz S420 Closing Assist/Door Lock Issues Due to Pneumatic System Problems

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Problems with the pneumatic system can cause closing assist and door lock issues.

My central locking system for the doors won't work and my trunk will not close. -
Power door locks stopped working -
Had the same problem occur about a month after I bought the car brand new. Called MB Roadside Assistance; they did something to override the security system. Car brought to dealer. Problem due to a leaking hose in the driver seat lumbar support which is connected to the same pneumatic system. Wow; the lumbar seat control caused the security system to prevent using the car on a dark, lonely parking lot after work late one evening! "The best engineered cars in the world"??? -
Same problem, hear a sound from passenger side, but remote won't work for car locks and trunk. -
trunk lid does not get pulled down all the way. The passenger door does not lock with all the others. -
problem with closing/assist on doors. -
my doors were not closing, I had to slam them shut. I disconnected the battery and allow the computer to reset. the doors works just fine now. -
The rear doors do not use the neumatic final boost to close tight. The have to be slammed. -
Power locks and trunk door open do not work -
havent remeid problem yet -
Closing assist/door lock not working -
Mercedes-Benz S420 : Closing Assist/Door Lock Issues Due to Pneumatic System Problems -
Heard a snap when closing passenger door. Now door closure assist does not work on this one door. All other doors work fine. This one must be slammed to close tight. Year is 2001 but would not let me input it above!! -
key will not lock or unlock door,s automatic. -
not able to lock my car with my key remote and my trunk wont shut like it should and handle wont come out anymore how do i reset it -
closing assist doesn't work, But locks and trunk does. How do I find leaking hose? -
i have the same problem -
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