Mercedes-Benz S320 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz S320 Closing Assist/Door Lock Issues Due to Pneumatic System Problems

(43 reports)

Problems with the pneumatic system can cause closing assist and door lock issues.

can not unlock any door. levers only go up half way but not fully up it almost feels like not enough air to push em up. trunk opens fine -
Intermittent door/trunk closing assist. Found that pulling fuse and re-installing would resume proper function. Currently researching specific cause. Suspect relay or switching device in system. -
Closing Assist, drivers Door Issues Due to known reason. -
Easy fix for this problem. Access pump at back of trunk and check air lines for tighness. Can adjust amount of tension applied to doors and trunk. Search web for exact fix but very easy fix. -
I have to manually push all rear and passenger doors locks down. Then use the ignition key to lock the driver's door. I got to manually slam the trunk down and then lock trunk w/ ignition key. -
Problem began with a battery that does not hold a charge. -
power locks don't work and trunk,Closing Assist/Door & trunk -
door locks dont work with key or button trunk wont open with button inside car rear backup bars in rear quarter pannels wont go down -
Doors will open atfer being unlock with key or remote -
door lock or unlock not work but light work -
The key fob would open and close the door locks but stopped working. I replaced the battery in key - no luck. Have to push down on other door locks - use key to manual lock drivers door. Trunk does not open nor does gas cover open. Right now unable to put gas in car. -
auto locks dont work -
My trunk seems to b open when it's closed. People stop me and tell me my trunk is open. Why won't it close all the way down? -
Door becomes ajar after closing. Doesnt lock correctly if ajar when alarm is set so I open the door when I return, having forgotten I left the alarm on and the alarm goes off -
can luck doors using the main power luck. Can open the trunk from inside and I do not hear the pneumatic system working -
Doors star acting lack sistem donot want to work -
It's like it is dead, does not work and putting the key in the drivers door barely works . some times takes me minutes to get my door open -
Power closing assist for doors & trunk lid fails. -
Door closes then door assist seems to jar it open which I then have to close forcibly. Now my door is making a god-awful knocking sound. -
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