Honda Accord Problem Report

Honda Accord Clock Light May Burn Out

(108 reports)

The clock light has a tendency to burn out.

Clock light burned out. Haven't had it fixed. -
Clock light burnt out -
Clock light was burned out when I purchased it. -
Never fixed it... -
I haven't had it repaired. Bought the car with 220000 miles and thought it was weird that I couldn't see the clock at night -
Light for the radio(can't see station at night) and clock light won't light up -
clock light burned out, very easy to replace. Honda dealerships have these tiny bulbs for less than $10 -
It hasn't been fixed -
I bought this used a few years back, and the clock light has never worked. And I'm trying to sell the thing. -
clock light burns out -
Light burned out. Did not repair. Turn on overhead light to see time and then turn it off. -
Still broke, haven't looked into it. -
clock light burned out -
did not fix -
Clock light burned out. I asked my mechanic about it. It would cost over $150 because the light can not be replaced singularly. You must replace the whole unit. -
any solutions/repairs for this?? -
Clock light went out -
Clock light burned out. Replaced. -
Clock light also broken and missing a few -in the actual time. So I don't know what time it is and I'm always in the dark. Haha -
Clock lamp is part of the radio lamp - as reported above. -
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