Honda Odyssey Problem Report

Honda Odyssey Clock Light May Burn Out

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The clock light has a tendency to burn out.

bulb burnt out, removed dash and gained access to clock, remove the gray lamp holder, got new lamp at Radio Shack, reinstalled all working good. -
The light is burned out. Can it be easily (and cheaply) be fixed? -
Interior clock light bulb was burned out. Had to remove and replace clock light bulb. -
The bulb is tiny (smaller than a pencil eraser), cost $7 and you have to take 1/2 of the dash apart to get to the clock! -
Light behind clock was burned out prior to my purchase of the vehicle in 2009 with 80k on it. -
Our clock light burned out in 2010. Didn't bother fixing it. I have a watch. -
clock light burned out at 160,000 miles -
Clock light burned out. -
Clock not visible -- obviously! Take the dashboard apart, at least $50, replace lamp and now 4-way flasher indicator light does not function. -
The clock light just died. -
The clock light burned out long ago. We have not replaced or repaired it. -
had to bring to repair at a tune of 200 dollars and had the lamp to the mileage go out at 103000 -
As already reported -
was already out when we purchased the van -
back lights for clock apparently burned out--not about to pay $50 plus for a $2 battery or whatever. I can see it during the day. -
Clock light is burned out -
Light behind clock went out. I've also had the same thing happen to the radio display. Told that it can't be fixed without replacing the entire radio which was approximately $1,000!! -
Not resolved -
Clock light burns out -
My clock light burns out easily and I cannot see the clock at night. I had it replaced twice since 2011 -
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The light will come one for days and then go out.
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There have been reports of Catalytic Converter failure that causes the Check Engine light to come on. Replacing the catalytic converter will repair this issue.
Both items work, just the back lights don't. Solutions?