clicking sound from vent on Chrysler Sebring

Average mileage: 83,221 (33,000–170,000)
5 model years affected: 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2010
66 people reported this problem
40 people shared problem details
Loud clicking from the passenger dash area when I turn on the ac or heater and also loud clicking periodically if it's been on a long time. I also here the same loud clicking periodically when the car is turned off. I don't know how to fix this ?? Help
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2007 Chrysler Sebring165,000
I am hearing a loud clicking noise in the passenger side dash area. Similar to what others have been talking about. Is there a quick fix instead of taking to the dealer?
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Clicking sound from glove box area, with so many reports of this problem why has no recall been made, to expensive to repair on your own
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I unplugged two small wires going to "air re-circulation actuator" and problem went away! Had to determine exactly where trouble was coming from but decided it did not matter if the air was "OUTSIDE" or "RECIRCULATED"> Everything works fine now with NO CLICKING!!! Simply crawl under glove compartment, remove cover that hides fan motor, reach up and unplug clip holding two wires to actuator!
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Dealer claims this is a recirculation failure. Remove entire panel to replace, 'prox $900 cost. Lifetime warranty from Chrysler doesn't cover it.
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2012 having clicking noise on heater and ac also chr. 200
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Whenever I push the button to Circulate the A/C it clicks from the passenger side for about 15 seconds. If I don't have the circulation button pushed, it works just fine. Has anyone found a solution to this that doesn't involve taking it in to the dealer? This is a great car, but this is terribly annoying more than anything. Also did it get worse for anyone, or is it just the noise. I noticed that even with the noise it still blows cool. I could just get used to it if it stays cool.
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clicks with outside air position
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Loud clicking sound coming from the right side of the dashboard when the AC is turned onto "recirculate". When not on that setting, no clicking. Seems many people have reported the same thing, but looks like repair is extremely expensive. Also just recently lost AC fan settings 1, 2, and 3. Fan now works on high only. Obviously there are some AC/fan problems in this model.
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Turning fan Off is when I first noticed the problem (around 80K miles), figuring it was a weak spring, cracked housing, or leaky vacuum/pressure actuator I left it on and turned the fan speed down. Sometimes I can get it to turn off without the noise, but then turning the fan on causes the noise to be heard again, so again, I leave it on. Would be nice for Chrysler to own up to this common problem and get it fixed for us!
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Everytime I turn on or off my air it clicks
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car makes loud noise on passenger side while car is off. as for loosing power for the ac blowing cold air for only a few seconds then going and blowing straight hot air it is the atc (or whatever it is called) sensor that is located between radiator and fan towards bottom on passenger side. there are two i had to replace one in mine. I took my car to O'reily's and the connected the computer diagnostic up for the info and that's what they told me it was and it cost for one about $14 for just one. Mine was hanging so it was easy to tell which one needed to be replaced.
2007 Chrysler Sebring100,000
load clucking noise in vent stalling/ cute off different times windshield wipers making noises
loud clicking on the right hand glove box ticking ticking when I turn my AC on and off ac stopped working and only blows hot air the heater still works
Knocking noise on passenger side in Dash, really loud, weather car is on or turned off Chrysler should recall this, Need to own up to it, Ridiculous!!!
Thanks for the info. I had this clicking noise on the driver's side. The heater blend door actuator's white lever was jumping with every click. It is a black plastic box, about 3" square with bumps on it. Located above the gas pedal on the heater. I took it apart and found a tooth broken off one of the many gears inside. The Dorman part # is 604029. Only 2 screws holding it on. (easy) Here is a link: Maybe they use the same or similar part for the recirculate door near the glove box.
Did not get checked out.
Just began yesterday ...when I open the driver side door I get a loud clicking sound behind the radio area of the dash for a few seconds. After it stops I can start and running the Sebring without further incidents. It has happened once after the car has been turned off.
I have a 2012 and anytime the blower is on it makes the noise for about 15 secs. It's done it a couple of times when the car is off.
Clicking when turn a/c on.
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