Dodge Dakota Problem Report

Dodge Dakota Clear-coat paint peeling off

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Clear coat on roof and edges of truck are coming off -
Truck was garaged for first 10 years and paint was fine. Parked outside for about 2 years and clear coat began to flake off. Especially, on roof and hood. Paint is a medium red. -
Have had problem with clear coat coming off, now going to get the whole truck repainted same color, black for just under 2,500.00 this seems like a good price, I hope. -
Clear-coat paint peeling off new paint job. -
Clear coat is peeling not resolved. -
On top cab, almost all the way back straight through the middle -
I have had some cracking and pealing. Was told by my local Dodge Dealer that in the paint jobs for my year truck, they combined the primer with the paint. As a result, the primer will not stick to the body and start to pull away from the body. All that can be done is to get a new paint job. Still the best vehicle I have ever owned. -
Clear coat and paint oxidization on roof, hood and top of door -
Hood, roof, and top of vendors have paint failing away, leaving a rough, ugly surface. -
clear-coat paint peeling off -
Not precisely sure when it started but within the last two years about 30% of my cab roof clear coat is peeling and my bedsides (right next to the Linex) and fender tops are starting to bubble and peel. -
clear coat coming off, haven't fixed it, cost is more than the truck is worth. -
Clearcoat coming off hood cab solution other the take to a shop -
paint coming off -
Bad year on factory clear coat -
Hood and top of cab had to be resprayed. Cleacoat was gone, paint has faded badly. -
clearcoat coming off have noticed quite afew dodge dakotas with this problem -
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