Clear-coat paint peeling off on Dodge Dakota

Average mileage: 111,700 (39,000–195,000)
10 model years affected: 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, more2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006
40 people reported this problem
23 people shared problem details
Clear coat on roof and edges of truck are coming off
1994 Dodge Dakota88,000
I have a green colored 1994 Dodge ram 1500 long bed pick up. The paint started to peel off of the hood and then progressed to the top of the cab. The paint has now been reduced to the primer. I have noticed this problem on all 90s ram 4 x 4 pick ups. Especially in the green and white color. Does anyone know if Chrysler will fix this problem.
1999 Dodge Dakota120,000
Truck was garaged for first 10 years and paint was fine. Parked outside for about 2 years and clear coat began to flake off. Especially, on roof and hood. Paint is a medium red.
1999 Dodge Dakota100,000
clear coat coming off all over the front, bad paint job from Chrysler.
2001 Dodge Dakota65,000
Clear coat peeled off slowly starting on hood and now entire hood and around windows.
2000 Dodge Dakota39,000
Ihave a black Dakota truck that now has white appearing allover the truck. It's getting worst as time goes by. Inow have 42,250 miles on it. What can be done?
2001 Dodge Dakota175,000
Clear coat started peeling on hood first at 175K, now at 252K, hood is completely gone, along with roof and top edges of all four doors. Just notices last month the wheel wells are also starting.
2000 Dodge Dakota70,000
clearcoat peeling off
1999 Dodge Dakota111,000
Have had problem with clear coat coming off, now going to get the whole truck repainted same color, black for just under 2,500.00 this seems like a good price, I hope.
2001 Dodge Dakota85,000
Clear-coat paint peeling off new paint job.
Clear coat is peeling not resolved.
On top cab, almost all the way back straight through the middle
2006 Dodge Dakota130,000
I have had some cracking and pealing. Was told by my local Dodge Dealer that in the paint jobs for my year truck, they combined the primer with the paint. As a result, the primer will not stick to the body and start to pull away from the body. All that can be done is to get a new paint job. Still the best vehicle I have ever owned.
2001 Dodge Dakota195,000
Clear coat and paint oxidization on roof, hood and top of door
2000 Dodge Dakota185,000
Hood, roof, and top of vendors have paint failing away, leaving a rough, ugly surface.
1999 Dodge Dakota95,000
clear-coat paint peeling off
1999 Dodge Dakota180,000
Not precisely sure when it started but within the last two years about 30% of my cab roof clear coat is peeling and my bedsides (right next to the Linex) and fender tops are starting to bubble and peel.
2001 Dodge Dakota160,000
clear coat coming off, haven't fixed it, cost is more than the truck is worth.
2002 Dodge Dakota120,000
Clearcoat coming off hood cab solution other the take to a shop
2002 Dodge Dakota100,000
paint coming off
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