My van is have electrical problems, more often in the morning when its cool, but on and off all the time. I will start my car and my wipers start going even though they arent on. My MPH, RPMs and compass/outside temp doesnt work. Says i have no gas, radio and display dont work, power windows and blinkers dont work. I dont have cold air. All these problems come and go together. Dealership replaced the TIPM (main module), they checked every other module in the van and cant find damaged wires. They have over 12 hrs in the car already with no resolutiom except rewiring the whole van with a new wiring harness for 2500+tax. Please help me. I dont know what to do. Anyone have this problem???

The oil is only sprayed on the passenger side of the engie, hood and other things.

Changed plugs, coil,ads relay. Had in shop, will not show codes, Will not stay running, unless stepping on the gas. They think maybe computer?

I smell antifreeze after car has been running and stops or gets shut off. The smell is inside and out around hood. I can smell it standing by each front tire well. There are no visible leaks anywhere inside or out and we have changed the thermostat. The temperature gauge also stays at half way as it always has when warmed up. Thank you!

replaced battery in both

driving to fla in winter would like heated seats to work in colder states , but i put the seat on it stays on for hour or so than will not let me put back on till many hours after . dealer said working correctly, 1/2 hour on high, than 1/2 hour on med or low , than a cool down period , which is what i am looking for .

It is the one in the back on the driver side.

when started they lights sometimes do not come on but will flash 3 times very slowly and will go out at times while driving.

It recently flooded here in Houston. We drove the van through a littlebover a foot of water and it stalled. The tailpipe was not submerged. We pushed it the rest of the way to our driveway. We drained the water and the oil. No criss contamination. We also replaced the sparkbplugs with what O'Reily's looked up and said was appropriate plugs. The 1-3-5 plugs were mistakingly crossed. The car was started and revved, but never placed in gear or driven with them crossed. Since they were placed correcrly, there is a knocking sound when placed in gear and when driven forward and back. We have only done this in he driveway, not actually driven it. We poured one can of Seafiam in the engine and one can of Seafoam in the fuel tank. There was no change in the knocking and still not actually driven, just a little back and firwaed in the drive. What is most likely the problem and may it be driven?