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Works fine on first two speeds but the nest two give huge vibration. Happens even when engine ids not running.
town and country has remote pressure sensors in tires
I went to turn it on and the engine is not turning over! I was just driving it 15 min ago...all the lights come on but it won't start. Tried jumping on the battery but I got nothing.. We tried tapping the starter an...
Dealer said it is a bad occupant restarint control modual. I see that Chrysler has had problems with this before but not in my model year. Is this the problem and if so is there any recourse from chrysler
Monday January 5th in MN, subzero temperatures overnight into Monday. Van wouldn't start. Took battery to Sears who confirmed the battery was bad (3yrs old). Installed new Diehard battery. Turned ignition switch -...
i recently had my van at the dealer and they replaced the starter,im still having the same problem "turn key and CLICK"IS ALL THAT HAPPENS,what is strange is if i can roll the car a few inches it will start. any ideas...
gauge does work. How can I fix it, could it be a fuse, and where is the fuse, and what color/amp?
At the top sliding hinge. The door you can lift up and it has movement about 1 inch or so. The other door does not have this. Is this a adjustment issue or is something wore out? Thanks for the help. David
When you go turn the key off sometimes it only goes to acc. and then stops and will not turn off.
Recently the engine has stopped running a couple of times at slow speeds when I take my foot off the accelerator. When that happens I get a p0406 engine code an a check engine light. What is the most likely cause and ...
I notice the engine surges until it warms up (usually for the first couple of miles on the first drive after the vehicle has sat idle for a while). Any Ideas what could be the cause?
Sometimes when I slow for traffic, the transmission shifts down and won't shift back up when I increase engine rpm to try to speed back up. Any idea what could cause this?
74000 miles, no issues with transmission shifts fine.